AMS 2011 Transmitter portable generator

KABELKOM has designed a portable test generator which may improve the leakage control.

AMS 2011 Transmitter can be installed in a headend instead of a separate generator/modulator and a signal tagger. It can be also installed in any node or point of the network (buildings, apartments, etc.). AMS 2011 generates one frequency in the upstream (itcan be transmitted without interruption of services) and one in the downstream (network services must be interrupted). The signals can be tagged (the tagging method is compatible with JDSU/Wavetek CLI meter series as well as with KABELKOM AMS meters). The maximum output level is 117 dBμV. The generator is powered by a 3.5 Ah battery (optional 7Ah) which guarantees up to 8 hours of continuous work. The generator has very high frequency stability and a 50 Ω BNC output connector. The dimensions and small weight (0.5kg) make the generator a perfect tool not only for leakage control, but also for leakage antenna calibration.

  • Simultaneously generates frequencies in the upstream and downstream
  •  Fully programmable test frequency and tagger
  •  Simple troubleshooting in the network (using standard
  •  Can be used for measurement (e.g., mobile) antenna
  •  Downstream mode for operation after the useful downlink
  •  Upstream mode of operation for continuous in-service